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Pushing for Reform and Reconciliation

Our vision is a thriving Iraq where nature is protected, communities are empowered, and justice prevails

The Bahr Alolom Forum was created in 2010 to foster dialogue between Iraqi leadership and decision-makers, addressing political system issues and seeking solutions for economic, social, and environmental challenges. Our mission is to cultivate intellectual collaborations, facilitating discussions for a conducive national success environment.


Over the past decade, we have championed environmental preservation and social equity in Iraq through community engagement, sustainable practices, and policy advocacy, collaborating with stakeholders including government bodies, civil society organizations, and universities.

Promoting dialogue that transcends partisan, sectarian and nationalist divisions

Since 2005, the Foundation has been making unremitting efforts in the fields of education, medical care and social responsibility with a mission that encompasses a deep-rooted commitment to addressing societal deficiencies that have been a result of wars and sanctions. 

A branch of the Bahr Alolom Foundation established under the patronage of the late Dr. Mohammed Bahr Alolom





Students have graduated from the Al Alamain Institute for Postgraduate Studies 

Books publicly housed at the library of Al Alamain Institute

Participants have taken part in the Bahr Alolom Creativity Awards to date

Orphans and widows have been medically treated at the Al Fatma Medical Complex

Dr. Ibrahim Bahr Alolom 

President, Bahr Alolom Foundation

Strengthening our community isn't just a responsibility; it's the heart of our collective well-being. Together, we plant the seeds of positive change and nurture the growth of a brighter future for all

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