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Constitutional Amendment Crisis

Examining potential amendments to the constitution to alleviate Iraq's ongoing and future turmoil

In partnership with the Alamain Institute, the Constitutional Amendment initiative emerged in response to the profound instability that engulfed Iraq in 2021. This turbulent period witnessed widespread protests, snap elections, political deadlock, constitutional violations, and inter-party disputes.

Concerns loomed over the future of the political process, security, and social stability. It's essential to underscore the significance of the 2005 Iraqi Constitution in facilitating a peaceful transfer of power despite numerous challenges. However, the Constitution's success requires political leaders to move beyond past grievances and complexities, which is a formidable task given historical memories of injustice and marginalization.

An initiative that's pivotal to Iraq's political and social stability— the amendment of the 2005 Iraqi Constitution.

Should the Constitution be amended, and if so, who will lead this process and ensure it represents the Iraqi people impartially? Existing Constitutional articles on amendments pose obstacles to reaching a consensus. Amendments may benefit some parties while disadvantaging others, reflecting the country's divisions.

To restore confidence in the political process, The Forum sought insights from specialists, academics, and experts to present to decision-makers, aiming to address challenges and put forward recommendations that align with the aspirations of younger generations leading the movement. The report was presented at the Constitutional Amendments Conference held in Najaf on 19th February 2022.

Read the full publication here

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