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Environmental Media Alliance

An auxiliary initiative for Iraq's Thirst - intensifying environmental action through media advocacy

In partnership with

In partnership with

The Environmental Media Alliance (EMA) is a continuous initiative by the Forum and the UNDP, aiming to empower journalists to effectively communicate about climate change, report on local contexts, and engage communities. The EMA acts as a vital link between scientific knowledge and public awareness, enhancing understanding to address Iraq's most pressing challenges. It plays a pivotal role in shaping public discourse and inspiring individuals, communities, and policymakers to take action.

Increasing awareness and boosting citizen and government preparedness for proactive climate change measures

This transformative initiative featured six comprehensive workshop sessions that began in July 2023. The program culminated in a significant event attended by prominent figures, including HE Mr. Awn Thiab (Minister of Water Resources), HE Mr. Ahmad Al Mobarkaa (Minister of Youth and Sports), Dr. Muzahem Al-Khayyat (Chairman of the Parliamentary Higher Education Committee), Dr. Jassim Al-Falahi (Technical Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment), and numerous other officials. Over 15 media outlets actively participated in this event.

The training sessions also included a competition among journalists to produce the best-written media reports on climate and water scarcity, with awards presented to the top three winners. Additionally, the training program concluded with a set of recommendations aimed at fostering cooperation between the media and the government, facilitating informed decision-making, and encouraging citizens to take personal climate actions. 

Iraq's Thirst

An environmental initiative that focuses on Iraq's water crisis exacerbated by climate change

Crisis of the Iraqi Political System

Assessing the Foundations of the Iraqi Political System: Uncovering Structural Deficiencies

Constitutional Amendment Crises

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Iraq's Strategy with Neighboring Countries 

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