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Crisis of the Iraqi Political System

Assessing the foundations of the Iraqi political system: uncovering Structural Deficiencies

Over the past 15 years, Iraq has been plagued by a series of crises, prompting debates about the root causes. Some attribute these crises to structural defects within the political system, while others argue they are the legacy of decades of state absence and a long history of military dictatorship.

The ability of the country to address and manage these crises is pivotal for its transition away from dictatorship. However, the reality is not solely defined by either perspective. To understand the current state of affairs, it's essential to consider both the negative consequences and the new dynamics created by the political system.

Iraq has found itself embroiled in a grave national crisis, and exacerbated by the absence of the collective will to effectively resolve it

To explore these issues, efforts were made to engage concerned parties in dialogue, although a roundtable discussion proved unsuccessful. Alternative channels of dialogue were sought, with discussions taking place in 2012-2013 amid intensifying political discord. This project aimed to contribute to the betterment of Iraq's conditions until the tumultuous 2014 elections and the invasion by ISIS. 

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Iraq's Thirst

An environmental initiative that focuses on Iraq's water crisis exacerbated by climate change

Constitutional Amendment Crises

Examining potential amendments to the constitution to alleviate Iraq's ongoing and future turmoil

Iraq's Strategy with Neighboring Countries 

Probing the complexities of Iraq's relationships with its neighboring countries through dialogue with ambassadors and the Iraqi elite

Environmental Media Alliance

An auxiliary initiative for Iraq's Thirst - intensifying environmental action through media advocacy

Iraq's Sovereignty Crisis 

Delving into the intricate dynamics of Iraq's sovereignty when considering the nation's political divisions and complex challenges

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