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Iraq's Sovereignty Crisis 

Delving into the intricate dynamics of Iraq's sovereignty when considering the nation's political divisions and complex challenges

Iraq's Sovereignty Crisis initiative surfaced to the heightened discussions surrounding national sovereignty in Iraq during 2019 and 2020. However, the absence of a clear understanding of sovereignty due to political divisions and bloc politics hindered the nation's progress. To address this pressing issue, the Forum initiated a dialogue involving former Iraqi Prime Ministers. This dialogue aimed to shed light on their approaches to sovereignty during their terms in office.

Additionally, the project extended to encompass the perspectives of Speakers of Parliament from 2005 to 2020, exploring their roles in upholding sovereignty. The project further engaged politicians, academics, thinkers, and researchers, who provided insights on various sovereignty-related topics addressed by the prime ministers. The diverse participation allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted issue of sovereignty in Iraq.

Against the backdrop of regional and international tensions that had caused instability, the concept of sovereignty gained paramount importance

Overall, the project sought to elucidate the concept of sovereignty within Iraq by fostering a candid and multifaceted discussion that bridged the gap between political experience and academic analysis. It involved different generations, from seasoned leaders to younger voices, and aimed to enrich both political thought and academic research in Iraq while ensuring that the nation's unique experience remained at the forefront. The project aspired to update political curricula, promote a deeper understanding of the Iraqi political landscape, and ultimately contribute to shaping the country's political future.

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